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A Freight Forwarder is the link between the exporter and the importer and its primary function is to assist in completing an international transaction. By acting on behalf of either the exporter or the importer, the freight forwarder is capable of negotiating and obtaining rates and arrange for inland, ocean transportation from the shipping point to the country of destination. In addition to those functions, a freight forwarder is able to produce, generate and prepare documents required by the United States and the countries to where a particular shipment is going, including, but not limited to:

  • Consular legalizations
  • Forms and paperwork
  • US and/or foreign Chambers of Commerce
  • Electronic filing of Shipper's Export Declarations
  • Marine or Air Insurance
  • Preparation of banking documents
  • Many other documents depending on the nature of the shipment

A Freight Forwarder with a warehouse is prepared and able to receive and store cargo, offer packing services and the loading or unloading of containers and trailers. A very important of function of the freight forwarder is to offer consulting services on a wide array of shipping terms, conditions and options that can be advantageous to all parties involved in a particular transaction.


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