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US Customs Brokerage: An intermediary firm between customs officials and shippers and/or importers to manage the flow of required documentation and inspections of shipments. Inter-Cargo CHB, Inc. offers complete U.S. Custom Brokerage Services.

Customs Brokerage services. Shipments entering the United States from Latin America and the Caribbean are on the rise due to the size and strength of the U.S. economy and the strength of the U.S. dollar in relation to Latin American and Caribbean currencies. Shipping to the USA can be very complicated and intimidating to local importers and foreign shippers.

Our customs experts can provide the full range of services necessary in preparing you for shipping into the USA and can clearly explain the procedures that must be followed.

Our Brokerage Service is licensed by the United States Customs Service. This allows us to act on your behalf, (upon receipt of a signed Power of Attorney), with the various U.S. Government Services and Agencies.

Inter-Cargo provides the following Customs Brokerage services:

  • Customs Clearance at any Port of Entry in the U.S.A.Every marine port, airport, border port or inland port is included. Our team of agents and correspondent brokers, combined with; hands-on service; at our head office allows us to provide premium services.
  • Continuous Bond.This allows regular shippers to import into the U.S.A. without purchasing a bond on a per shipment basis, therefore reducing costs. All consumption entries require a bond. Our U.S. Customs Broker can assist your company in obtaining a continuous bond.
  • Line Release Entry - Our team of U.S. Customs Brokers can assist your company in obtaining a Line Release approval for clients who ship frequently into the U.S.A. This is approved for;low risk commodities; and high volume. Line Release clients receive expedited clearances for Canadian shippers / suppliers.
  • Duty Drawbacks - We can assist clients in applying for re-imbursement of duty paid on goods entered into the U.S.A., then re-exported to Canada or a foreign country.
  • Customs Consulting - We regularly consult clients who require information and advice. We can assist in determining if goods are restricted from entering the U.S.A., whether they qualify for N.A.F.T.A., and for applying the customs tariff to assist in forecasting landed cost of goods. Call us to determine fees for this service.
  • Entry of Automobiles - We can assist clients in importing vehicles into the U.S.A

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